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Take a photo of an artwork and instantly know the artist, title and price. Get the app. It’s free!

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It’s like Shazam.
Just take a photo!

This is Shazam for the art world. Just take a photo and the app will tell you everything you need to know.

Know the price. Finally!

We show you historic and recent prices – from both auctions and galleries. It’s the world’s best art price database.

Find the best art spots near you

Our map shows you galleries and museums near you, including current shows and opening hours.

Other amazing features

  • Know more

    See artists’ exhibition histories, galleries, previous shows, etc.

  • Search for artists

    Search for any artist and see artworks and shows

  • Keep track

    Save all the works you love in your own digital collection

  • Share your art

    You can share via Instagram, Facebook, email, whatsapp….

  • Deep Zoom

    View artworks at an unbelievable zoom level

  • View in room

    View artworks to scale in a rendered gallery atmosphere

Three art galleries submitted copyright complains. Apple temporarily removed us from the store.

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