Our mission is to make the art market transparent

About Magnus

Founded in 2013 and based in New York, Magnus offers everyone interested in art – from newbies to serious art collectors – a way to track, discover, and share their art experience via the Magnus app.

Using both the most advanced technologies and years of tireless data compilation and manual data entry, we created a unique platform, showing not only prices from galleries and auctions, but also exhibition histories of galleries, museums etc.

We believe that transparency is good for the art world. Magnus will help it to grow, both by attracting new collectors and by giving existing buyers a tool at their fingertips to enjoy art even more.

How does it work?

There are three main steps involved from the moment you take a photo until the magic happens

Let’s say you are in a gallery and like the artwork you see.
Start the app and tap the image button.

A digital fingerprint of the artwork is created and sent to us.

Within seconds Magnus comes up with the name of the artwork and the artist, plus current and historic price, dimensions and material.

Does it work with every artwork I see?

Currently, we have a matching rate of over 70%. Don’t be surprised – sometimes we don’t return results immediately. But your photo will be worked on. Our team will review it and get back to you. Often within a few minutes (sometimes hours – depending on our team’s workload) you will be able to see all details.


Why are my prices online?

Over the past years our very active users have supplied us with prices from galleries around the world. We then verified and entered them. We continue crowd-sourcing prices from users who believe in the same mission. Once we have launched our partner program, our partner will be able to edit their prices.

Please visit our FAQ section for more answers.